Musical Projects

Are you an artist or do you have a band and need help with your songs?

We offer composition, arrangement and production services to help you to create your music.


Audiovisual Projects

Are you an audiovisual creator and need help with the soundtrack of your product?

We offer services for: Composition, arrangement and, musical production, sound dessign, foley and dialogs registers.


We offer editing, mixing and mastering services so that your product complies with professional industry standards.


Personalized attention and transparency

We believe that personalized and consistent attention is the key to making work smoother. We purpose electronic or face meetings often to organize ourselves and resolve any questions that may arise.

You will be informed at all the times of the status of your product and we will work with transparent and realistic timings.


How is your product created?


First, we will make a demo tailored to what you ask of us, and once you go through the Artics filter (all products go through team members for constructive feedback) it will also go through your filter, so you will have the power to order the changes you find necessary.

Recording & Arrangements

In this stage all the changes carried out will be added, and in addition, both the final recording sessions and the necessary arrangements will be made to give the composition and production as completed.

Mixing & Mastering

And finally, if necessary, it will be mixed and mastered to meet the professional standards of the industry.

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